Make great decisions

DecisionTree helps you gather feedback from your team, your customers or your community and then turn that data into smart and explainable decisions.

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Here's what you get:
Smart Decisions Faster
DecisionTree helps you quickly gather input from key groups (like your team, customers or community) and organizes the results into data you can use.
Easy Focus Groups
DecisionTree helps you create and organize focus groups or teams based on company, community, demographic, location, relationships and more.
Deep Insights
DecisionTree brings you additional data, charts and analyses that enable you to uncover hidden motivations, values and thinking-patterns.
Bundle Pricing:
  • 2 Groups
  • 10 Users per Group
  • Unlimited Surveys

  • 15 Groups
  • Priority Support
  • Custom Domain

  • Unlimited Groups
  • Account Manager
  • Whitelabel

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