About Us

DecisionTree's decision-management software (DMS) is a radical new way to make better decisions while improving your team's culture.

Our mission is to help you make decisions as quickly and as efficiently as possible, allowing you to gather input from every stakeholder, make an objective decision, and then communicate that decision with confidence and clarity.

Our vision is to eradicate painful meetings, relieve management stress, end blame-gaming, and bring peace, harmony and higher performance to everyone.

How did we get here?

For more than 20 years, Alan Cornford, PhD, (Chair) has been reverse engineering successful companies. Alan Cornford, Chair As a scientist, he has studied everything from the biggest Fortune 500 companies to the smallest startups; and as an entrepreneur he put theory to practice, creating a number of great companies. In 2011, he was awarded a patent in process architecture that forms the foundation of DecisionTree.

As one of Canada's top security and privacy experts, Kris Constable (CEO), has been a national leader in protecting user data. Kris Constable, CEO But he's also been a serial (and social) entrepreneur with ventures in government, politics, cryptocurrency, and, most recently, community development. Kris's Ideas and Founders events have been particularly important for the Vancouver startup scene, resulting in the birth of a number of new startups, including DecisionTree.

Rik Logtenberg (CTO) met Alan at one of Kris's events and was quickly swept up in his Rik Logtenberg, CTO enthusiasm for developing a science of entrepreneurship. He was also inspired by Kris, and his quest to develop a repeatable and testable process for finding product-market fit. As founder and CEO of Timely, Rik had spent years developing software for group communication and planning. However, when he met Alan and Kris, he saw 2 people with an uncommon vision for building better companies (and communities) and years of practical experience doing it.

In late 2015, inspired by Alan's work, Rik began writing code. He produced the first version of DecisionTree for user testing in March 2016 and got a strongly positive response. And with that validation (and great ideas for improvement from Alan and Kris), the journey had officially begun. In the months that followed Kris became the company's CEO, the company released 40+ major updates, and is on track in March 2017 to launch what will, in effect, be a completely new class of software.

If you're interested in joining DecisionTree and build the future of group decision-making, please contact kris@decisiontree.io.


  • DecisionTree is a software company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • We provide a powerful but easy-to-use decision-making tool for individuals, groups, organizations and companies.
  • We are managed by Alan Cornford (Chair), Kris Constable (CEO), and Rik Logtenberg (CTO).
  • Our technology is based on Alan's work in value-based process architecture.
  • We are committed to strong privacy and data security