Privacy Policy 0.1

Last updated: September 18, 2017

This version and date will change with a new privacy policy, which can happen without advance notice — however it will be documented in the app notification system and you have 30 days to remove your account if you do not like the new privacy policy. Our CEO is an internationally recognized privacy expert, so privacy is at the core of our business and we will do our best to respect your consent in terms of privacy.


We have went through great lengths, more than most, to protect your privacy. All of servers are hosted on Canadian soil, and our web application is only accessible through TLS/SSL which means a secure connection. This makes us even section 30.1 compliant for B.C’s FOIPPA which means that anyone in the public system in British Columbia, even health care, can use our application.

Even your votes on any decision are hashed in our app, which means that our team can not see your votes, only you can.

We don’t use any third party trackers, which means a lot more cost and work for us, as your privacy is paramount. However we have provided two third party options for you, should you be OK with the convenience trade off.

  1. We have enabled social logins. This means that you can login using Facebook or Google instead of manually creating an account with us. This means that if you use say Google login, they will know every time you use our platform. If instead you register your email address with us, this is not an issue and Google or Facebook will not be provided any information about your activity with us.
  2. is our solution provider of choice to provide you walk throughs of the application. If you use a walkthrough, to show you the various steps to use DecisionTree, InlineManual the company gets access to that walkthrough and the fact you are using it. This is not an issue if you don’t use any walk throughs.

You can also go into your settings and click the privacy options to disable Social Login and Walkthroughs, to ensure no third party gets access to your information.

We collect your usage information and environment variables as most other industry standard providers, such as what you were doing, when, and which operating system/browser you were using. This is for improved service delivery, and the ability to debug.


By using our system, we will retain in perpetuity any votes you cast on a decision or survey, as removing them would severely impact previously made team decisions. We will delete your account within 30 days and wipe it from our system, should you manually request we do so. Once it’s wiped there is no retrieving it, so please don’t make this request in haste.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact our Privacy Officer If you’ve not heard back within one week, please reach out through another channel such as social media. All inquires will receive a response within one business week of being received.